What are the main factors affecting the life of three rows of roller slewing bearings?

The three-row roller type slewing bearing has three races, and the upper and lower and the radial raceways are separated, so that the load of each row of rollers can be accurately determined. Can withstand a variety of loads at the same time. The open assembly is very convenient, the upper and lower circular races have a bearing angle of 90° and can withstand large axial forces and tipping moments. When the radial force is greater than 0.1 times the axial force, the raceway must be specially designed.
The life of Three-row roller type slewing bearing life
       With hydraulic pressure, the overload is protected and large impact forces are avoided. Can not be used without maintenance, many slewing bearings are damaged due to improper maintenance, or even replacement. The ultimate torque limiter is mounted on the motor shaft and the coupling is assembled into a component. The principle of the slewing bearing is: active A frictional force is generated between the friction plate 3 on the shaft 1 and the friction plate 4 mounted on the driven shaft 2 to transmit a torque, and the size of the friction surface can be adjusted by the compression spring 5, when the transmitted load exceeds the maximum value of the friction torque, The friction surface begins to slip and thus protects.

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