Rotary reducer: Analyze the cause of damage caused by improper lubrication

Rotary reducer: Analyze the cause of damage caused by improper lubrication of the tile!
 The following are the conditions of the slewing reducer, the slewing bearing is not properly lubricated about the shaft and the bearing bush.

        1. There is water in the lubricating oil of the rotary reducer, which causes damage and damage to the shaft and bearing bush of the bearing:

The damage of the water in the lubricating oil to the shaft and the bearing bush is serious because water deteriorates the lubricating oil and destroys the oil film. A hole-like gray object appears on the edge of the friction surface of the bearing layer of the bearing bush, and a black corrosive substance is formed on the surface of the alloy to cause irregular pits and partial flakes on the friction surface of the bearing alloy.

2. Damage to the shaft and bearing bush caused by fuel in the lubricating oil:
When the fuel enters the crankcase, the lubricating oil is thinned, the oil film is thinned to reduce the lubricating effect, and the shaft and the bearing bush are corroded. The surface of the bearing alloy is black and green with slight cavitation. In particular, the by-products produced after the combustion of the fuel with a high sulfur content are brought into the poorly ventilated crankcase by the fuel, and the generated sulfuric acid substance causes serious cavitation on the surface of the shaft.
The cause is: the fuel supply of the fuel system is too large, the fuel injected into the combustion chamber cannot be completely burned; the intake air is blocked by insufficient intake air, the fuel cannot be fully burned; the nozzle seal fails and the fuel penetrates into the crankcase; the fuel passage in the cylinder head There are blowholes or cracks in the air hole; the idle speed is too long, the engine temperature is low, and the fuel cannot be completely burned.

3. Damage and damage caused by poor lubrication effect of the rotary reducer:
When the lubrication effect of the shaft and the bearing bush is not met, various fault characteristics will occur. If the oil pressure is low, the part between the shaft and the bearing bush will cause damage and damage to the moving surface due to dry friction caused by direct contact. At this time, the shaft surface is blue. If the lubricating oil fails or the pressure cannot be built, the moving surface completely loses the protection of the oil film, and the direct contact is used for dry friction. When the temperature rises, the alloy layer of the bearing bush melts, and the phenomenon of “holding the tile” occurs when the machine is stopped in time. If the machine is not stopped in time, more serious damage of the parts will be caused.
The cause is: the oil level is too low or the lubricating oil passage is broken; the oil suction filter, oil passage and oil hole are blocked; the oil oil pump is worn or the oil suction line is leaking; the pressure regulating valve and the pressure limiting valve are damaged; the engine idle running time It is too long; after the engine is started, it will directly perform high-speed operation and full-load operation without heating up; after full-load operation, if the temperature is high, it will stop without cooling and low-speed operation, and the heat inside the engine will be deposited. The temperature rises; the standard oil is not selected as required and the oil is periodically replaced.

To prevent damage and damage to the shaft and bearing bush caused by the lubrication system, you must:

  1. The engine must be maintained, inspected, and replaced with oil and filter elements at the specified time.
  2. to avoid engine idling time is too long, idle speed can not exceed 5 minutes.
  3. After the engine is started, it must go through the medium-speed heating operation. When the water temperature rises above 70 °C, it will be put into use.
  4. After the engine is stored for a long time, it must be driven by the starter after the initial start, and then start.
  5. After the engine is finished for a long time and full load, it can’t stop immediately. The engine must be idle and idle for 15 minutes before it can be stopped. Otherwise, the internal heat will not be released.
  6. The lubricating oil level of the engine must be within the standard range. The lubricating oil and refueling tools must be cleaned to prevent any dirt and water from entering, and at the same time ensure the sealing effect of all parts of the engine.
  7. Rotary reducer In the case of no manual lubrication equipment, when installing the engine, apply the same cleaning lubricant on the moving surface of each shaft and bearing bush. After the engine is installed, turn off the fuel switch before starting the machine for the first time. The engine drives the engine to idle several times. When the engine oil pressure gauge is displayed, the fuel switch is turned on and the fuel valve is set at medium and low speeds, and the engine is started for operation observation.

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