13 series triple-row roller slewing bearing with External Gear

Structural characteristics, performance, and scope of application
The three-row roller type slewing bearing has three races, and the upper and lower and the radial raceways are separated, so that the load of each row of rollers can be accurately determined. It can withstand various loads at the same time. It is the most load-bearing type among the four products. It has large shaft and radial dimensions and is firm in structure. It is especially suitable for heavy machinery requiring large diameter, such as bucket wheel excavator and wheel. Cranes, marine cranes, port cranes, steel running tables and large tonnage truck cranes.

1. n1 is the number of lubricating oil holes, evenly distributed: oil cup M10×1 JB/T7940.1-JB/ T7940.2
2. The mounting holes n-dn1 and n-dn2 can be changed to screw holes; the tooth width b can be changed to H-h.
3. The circumferential force of the gear in the form is the maximum circumferential force, and the rated circumferential force is 1/2.
4. The external tooth repair coefficient is 0.1.

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