01 series Single row ball slewing bearing without Gear

Structural characteristics, performance, and scope of application
The single-row four-point contact ball type slewing bearing consists of two races. It is compact in structure, light in weight, and the steel ball is in contact with the arc track at four points. It can simultaneously bear axial force, radial force and tipping moment. 01 Series of Slewing bearings can be used on construction machinery such as rotary conveyors, welding machines, small and medium sized cranes and excavators.

1. n1 is the number of lubricating oil holes, evenly distributed: oil cup M10×1 JB/T7940.1-JB/T7940.2
2. The mounting holes n-dn1 and n-dn2 can be changed to screw holes; the tooth width b can be changed to H-h.

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